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Usb Key

Usb key

The original license system used the code of hardware components of the computer to let our applications to run. Some users complained about requesting for new passwords when they modify the hardware of the computer, or change the computer itself.
The devCad team can now offer an Usb key as a license system.
To use it is simple: insert the key in the computer and the licensed applications can run.
In this way you don't need any more our assistance when the hardware of the computer is upgraded, or the computer itself changed.
Now, when you purchase a new license or you upgrade to a new version, you can select between the old password or the new Usb key system.

  The usb Key is also a good solution for users using more than one computer.
Before the usb key was born, the only soluction was to buy 2 or more licenses.
Now you can simply insert the Usb key in the computer you are using, having in this way a real movable license.
If you need to run the application at the same time in more computers, of course you still need multiple licenses.
  As a bonus, the Usb key includes also devPlans and the Plan Collection.
Before the Usb key was born the only way to have devPlans and the Plan Collection was to get the Cd rom for 25 euro.
devPlans let's you to filter the full plans collection and to open the preferred drawing in devCad in a very easy way.
In this way you can create your own drawings by modifying an existing one or by importing some parts
  The Usb key is very small (about 6x11x30 mm), all metallic case, very strong, and includes 4GB of memory.
In this way you can use it not only as license system, but you can keep inside it for example the full installation of our applications, or your backup data.
Put it in your pocket and you can go to show how the application works to a friend of yours, in his personal computer.

A single Usb key can include one license of multiple applications, you don't need an Usb key for each application!
You cannot have 2 Usb keys if you own only 1 license, of course.


You can move a password based license already linked to a pc to an Usb key paying:
- 60 euro for the Usb key, shipping included
- 50% of the price of each license you want to move
Ask to info@devcad.com to have an Offer.
Note: you cannot then ask for new passwords of the moved licenses, as they are stored in the Usb key then.


If you have the licenses with Usb key, please note that the licenses are then part of the Usb key. So, pay attenction, if you lose the Usb key, you lose the licenses. If the Usb key is damaged don't trash it, but ship it back to me.

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