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Customer Support


Different typologies of users have different customer support requirements.
A hobbyistic user can just play, look around the application, and, sometime, part of the fun is in approaching and learning a new application.
A professional user can loss money if he is blocked by a problem or an issue cannot be fixed as soon as possible, so it's critical for him to get an excellent support in a short time. 

We already offered a free customer support by email, and we'll continue to do that.
Now also a Forum is available, where you can ask for help for free, see Forum.
But, as for the case of a professional, sometime an user needs more.
Many professional users asked for a Premium Customer Support, so we now can offer it to all our customers needing more....

The usual free customer support will be still available by email, and tipical assistance cases can be:
  • Info request about upgrades
  • Simple 'How to.....' questions

The Premium Customer Support will add:

  • Email or Skype chat assistance, using English and Italian languages
  • Warranty to get a more detailed answer in a short time. Premium Customer Support have an higher priority over free support
  • File fixing
  • Complex 'How to...' questions
  • Priority bug fixing, where a patched release will be supplied when required, waiting for a new official release
  • Request for new features
  • Any other question about our applications or general Cad/Cam features

You can join our Premium Customer Support program buying 1, 2 or more hours of assistance. The assistance will cover all our applications, Profili Pro included. The assistance time you purchased doesn't expire, but you can just use it when you need.

See the below PayPal button to join our Premium Customer Support program:

    Premium Customer Support
   1 hour 
85 euro 
   2 hours 
150 euro 
   5 hours 
300 euro 
   10 hours 
500 euro 
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