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DevSim Cnc Foam by the devCad Team


DevSim Cnc Foam, the innovative application to simulate on Screen a CNC hotwire machine

devSim Cnc Foam is a free application to simulate the execution of a Cnc 4 or 5 axes foam cutting job. The 5 axes case includes an added rotary axis, vertiscal (rotary table type) or horizontal (lathe type).
You can use it to preview and check your GCode files, running to job forward or rear, and setting manually the current execution point.
The 3D View will show the two carriages movement, the Foam block, and the cut surface.
If you are a Cnc software developer or reseller or you can ask to info@devcad.com to have your customized version, able to start and run your GCode files launching them by Run String.

You can see below an image of a standard Cnc 4 axes hot wire foam cutting machine (courtesy Foam Linx):

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