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DevFoam 2 by the devCad Team

DevFoam 2, the new application to cut foam with a hot wire CNC

  • After almost 6 years, we are proud to release the version 2 of the well known devFoam application.
  • During these years we collected suggestions and requests from our users, and finally we can offer a new version with many new and improved features.
    Special attention was focused also to improve the user experence. Now not only we have more powerfull features, but we also simplified both the cutting and the drawing work.
  • A new version also was born, devFoam LE, for users accustomed to use a different application to draw their special parts, and that simply need to cut them, importing already well drawn Cad or Raster files.
  • You can see here below a table describing the features enabled for each version of devFoam 2:

  devFoam LE devFoam devFoam Pro devFoam 3D devFoam 3DM
  • To download devFoam 2 see the Download section of the web site.
  • To get a license of devFoam 2 see the Prices section of the web site.
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